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Welcome to Musikformidlingen’s Homepage.

Musikformidlingen is a booking agency established in 1986.

We can connect you to more than 600 bands and solo-artists from Denmark.

Musikformidlingen can deliver the music and entertainment, what ever you are planning a wedding, a 50 years birthday, a party for the compagny or a large concert.

Use the Information button if you want more information on a specific band or artist.

You can listen to music or watch a musicvideo with some of our bands on the pages, where you find the YouTube logo.

The music on this site is licensed by KODA and NCB under Danish copyright law.


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If you want your band represented on our Site, contact Musikformidlingen – you can phone, fax, mail or e-mail.

Contact Musikformidlingen via e-mail:

Aage Jørgensen

TLF: 7536 3440 – MOBIL: 2069 0397